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jetty / мол, пристань, эркер
имя существительное
mole, pier, breakwater, jetty, bulwark, quay
pier, dock, jetty, wharf, landing stage, quayside
bay window, oriel, bow window, jetty
имя прилагательное
черный как смоль
pitchy, ebony, coalblack, ebon, jetty, pitch-black
имя существительное
a landing stage or small pier at which boats can dock or be moored.
The tender runs from the first row of old wooden jetties .
Bali Hai is located at Panuba Inn Resort with its own jetty connected to the dive base, and accommodation for its own divers.
The harbor is protected by a long jetty running more or less north and south, and you have to enter at the southern end.
Imagine picking up passengers from a jetty on the Thames and delivering them to the Côte d' Azur or the shore of Lake Geneva.
Jody stretches out on the moist jetty , and inhales the clean smell of old wood.
They also said the construction of a new jetty posed a threat to Greenland white-fronted geese which are common on the nearby Drumharlow Lake.
Next to it is a timber building overhanging the lake, a fish restaurant and a jetty for fishing and boarding ferries.
Under a steady drizzle the Ocean Hunter drew up to a small jetty nestled in the heart of a protected bay.
Ben jumped ashore and tied the rowboat up to the small wooden jetty
But they had to wait two years before construction was started with the jetty .
We started our diving from the centre's floating jetty .