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jetliner / реактивный самолет
имя существительное
реактивный самолет
jet, jet plane, jet aircraft, jetliner, rocket airplane, jet-propelled plane
имя существительное
a large jet aircraft carrying passengers.
The Boeing Company is the largest aerospace company in the world, and the leader in manufacturing both commercial jetliners and military aircraft.
After boarding the Ariana jetliner , Rahman found himself and his aircraft surrounded by several thousand irate pilgrims.
The asylum-seekers arrived in the Philippine capital on Friday night aboard a China Southern Airlines jetliner from Beijing.
Meanwhile all 251 passengers on the jetliner died.
Several passengers on the jetliner , which took off from Bombay, said the pilot told them there had been an ‘exercise’ to test security.
The ideal jetliner , the ideal helicopter, the ideal fighter shapes have already been discovered, given what we know.
However, there is growing suspicion that the jetliner , which was carrying 179 people, may have hit an object on the runaway before the crash.
There were only very small pieces of that American Airlines jetliner .
In Britain, Royal Air Force fighter planes scrambled today to escort a Greek jetliner to a London airport.
News reports said the planes were jetliners , a 757 and a 767.
Chinese Airforce pilots are renowned for unswerving confidence in their ability to land jetliners with only half the runway allotted - just like a fighter jet.