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jet-propelled / с реактивным двигателем
имя прилагательное
с реактивным двигателем
reaction propelled, jet-propelled
имя прилагательное
moved by jet propulsion.
The Bell XP - 59A was America's first jet-propelled aircraft.
The development and perfection of radar and the techniques for using it effectively are as important as the development of the jet-propelled plane.
Petr picked up a coloured fish early in the day, an eleven pounder that fought as though jet-propelled .
Look out, Tesco: an amateur inventor has built the world's first jet-propelled shopping trolley.
On our whirling globe with its transitory, jet-propelled people, isolation is no longer the demoralising fate it once was.
The computer link flew out of his hand as if jet-propelled .
It heralded the advent of jet-propelled flight and the gradual demise of the piston-engined combat aircraft.
But the action moves at jet-propelled speed in Braham Murray's production and the dialogue is bright, sharp and funny.
When it came to the ‘A’ Final and a head-to-head with yours truly, he made a jet-propelled getaway and left me eating dirt.
Once he was away, he was jet-propelled and nobody would catch him.
He also uses his body intelligently, leaping from his chair with jet-propelled force on accused of being a ‘traitor‘.