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jersey / джерси, свитер, фуфайка
имя существительное
sweater, jersey, pullover, slip-on, slip-over
jersey, singlet
вязаная кофта
тонкая шерстяная пряжа
имя существительное
a knitted garment with long sleeves worn over the upper body.
When I moved my trade show uniform from an ottoman rib to a jersey knit, he adjusted the tape to make the new shirts look better than the old ones.
an animal of a breed of light brown dairy cattle from Jersey.
Cross-breeding Holstein dairy cows with Jerseys is boosting milk income on Pembrokeshire's spring calving farms.
имя существительное
the largest of the Channel Islands; population 91,900 (est. 2009).
Underneath I wore either a short sleeve or long sleeve jersey while cycling or a turtle neck shirt during leisure wear.
Although Dad is taking neither a Wallabies jersey or footy jumper to wear at the game.
I then tramped downstairs, still in my hockey jersey , my jeans and my Converse.
Trouser suits and jersey knit tops are key items in what she calls her seasonal capsule wardrobe of significant items.
She didn't look up, but saw it was a guy wearing a hockey jersey and tracksuit pants was the offender.
Cotton flannel or jersey sheets are another healthy option because they're not treated with chemicals.
If it is not that cold, a jersey dress made of soft warm jersey would be wonderful, over your wool stockings and under your warm coat.
I answered, clutching at the hem of my oversized jersey as a cold draft blew around my exposed legs.
A skinny white thug in a Lakers jersey lunged in my direction with a purpose.
the yellow jersey