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jerky / вяленое мясо, тряский безрессорный экипаж, тряский безрессорный вагон
имя существительное
вяленое мясо
jerky, pemmican, jerked beef, pemican
тряский безрессорный экипаж
тряский безрессорный вагон
имя прилагательное
jerky, bumpy, jolty, shaky
jerky, short, brisk, snatchy, brusque, brief
двигающийся резкими толчками
имя прилагательное
characterized by abrupt stops and starts.
shallow, jerky, irregular breathing
contemptibly foolish.
he makes mischief with his jerky pals
имя существительное
meat that has been cured by being cut into long, thin strips and dried.
beef jerky
She had shoulder-length gray hair and skin resembling beef jerky .
His movements were jerky , nervous; he was almost running.
If not familiar with puppetry, you may wonder why the characters are making jerky movements.
Native Americans once used the fruit to make pemmican, a type of meat jerky .
His fingers walk across his chest, his head, like a bird, pans the ceiling with jerky stops and starts.
Louise moves to the opening of the lounge, in stiff jerky movements as though hampered by the knitting of broken bones.
He shook his head in small, terrified jerky movements.
Keep really tight to the pole and, without making huge jerky movements, pull yourself as far up it as possible.
If you go to their site, they seem to be interested not so much in flying stuff to the moon but in selling beef jerky .
It's so unfortunate that the other mothers are being so jerky and setting a poor example for their kids!