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jerkin / камзол, безрукавка
имя существительное
camisole, jacket, jerkin
имя существительное
a sleeveless jacket.
A sleeveless, quilted jerkin might be all you need for extra warmth - or a large, woollen wrap instead of a coat.
He wore a black leather jerkin over a white long sleeve shirt.
He wore a black leather jerkin over a dark tunic, with a black belt and boots.
Grace finished lacing up her jerkin and reached for her sword.
The Bloody Sword ignored him pointedly and buckled his sword belt over his embroidered jerkin .
Instead of his robes, he wore a leather jerkin .
She put on a leather vest with a leather jerkin when a voice came into her head.
The bag contained a tunic, a cloth jerkin , a prayer book, and, strangely enough, a book of fairy tales.
He hurried after, slipping his arms into his jerkin and shrugging it into settlement.
The orange I had seen was the colour of his jerkin .
Agnes barely had enough concentration to focus on the jerkin she was mending.