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jerk / рывок, толчок, идиот
имя существительное
jerk, spurt, dash, tug, snatch, yank
push, impetus, impulse, thrust, kick, jerk
idiot, moron, jerk, wanker, nutcase, ament
pull, twitch, yank, jerk, pull at, yank out
имя прилагательное
bumpy, rough, jerk
имя существительное
a quick, sharp, sudden movement.
he gave a sudden jerk of his head
a contemptibly obnoxious person.
Although I think it's foolish and her boyfriend is a jerk for suggesting it, I am more concerned about the value and safety of this thing.
jerked meat.
fiery Jamaican jerk
move or cause to move with a jerk.
the van jerked forward
prepare (meat) by marinating it in spices and drying or barbecuing it over a wood fire.
jerked beef
He started to step forward, intent on following the jerk , but Kenta was at his side before he could so much as shuffle forward half a step.
He didn't have to tell me not to cry, I had no intention of crying in front of the jerk .
He's got to be the biggest jerk in the whole world.
With a lot of prodding and poking and pushing and cajoling, it set off with a spasmodic jerk .
With a quick jerk of the head there was a crack.
An unexpected jerk on Sakura's back pulled her to the ground again.
I made my first cast and made two short pulls when the fly was taken with a violent jerk .
I like all the curries and this jerk chicken with the rice and a great selection of vegetables.
There was far more ribbing, bad mouthing and ‘spirit’ shared than planning, along with jerk chicken and pork.
I suddenly felt this sick feeling in my gut like I had been the biggest jerk in the world.