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jemmy / отмычка, баранья голова, воровской лом 'фомка'
имя существительное
master key, latchkey, skeleton key, passkey, picklock, jemmy
баранья голова
jemmy, jimmy
воровской лом 'фомка'
jemmy, jimmy
Miss Kelly said their attempt to jemmy the shop door set off the burglar alarm alerting passing motorist Andrew Carlton.
For this was the jemmy in the door of national sovereignty.
The typical villain doesn't go out after 10 pm in a stripey jersey, carrying a jemmy and a bag with Swag written on it.
I do own and use a car, but if I have a jemmy , I certainly don't carry it around.
A jemmy had been used to force the double glazed front door regardless of its five locking points.
A tool, perhaps a jemmy , was used to open a rear door, but the thieves failed to get inside the car.
It is undisputed that the small ‘transom’ window was forced open with a screwdriver or jemmy .
Apparently, he jimmied open a window in the rear of the house and came in through the kitchen.
Lee guesses the dark shapes are jimmying the lock.
Police believe they jemmied open his front door, which was usually double-locked.