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jellyfish / медуза, бесхарактерный человек, мягкотелый человек
имя существительное
jellyfish, medusa, blubber, Gorgon, sea jelly, nettle-fish
бесхарактерный человек
man of no character, doormat, jellyfish, milksop, nincom, nincompoop
мягкотелый человек
doughface, jellyfish
имя существительное
a free-swimming marine coelenterate with a jellylike bell- or saucer-shaped body that is typically transparent and has stinging tentacles around the edge.
Like jellyfish , Medusa can sting an enemy with its tentacles.
a feeble or weak-willed person.
It's a tragedy regardless of how it happened and people like you who lecture after an accident are the lowest form of weak willed spineless jellyfish .
Man-eating saltwater crocodiles lurk in nearby estuaries along with the deadly box jellyfish , the most poisonous creature on earth.
Water sports are popular in the Persian Gulf, although jellyfish prevent swimming there.
A giant monster resembling a giant jellyfish emerged from the lava pool and wrapped its tentacles around Lupus.
Certain Pacific jellyfish are much more dangerous, but they are limited to the waters around Australia.
Lynn jumped as a jellyfish swam by her.
Mr Jordan brushed against the tiny yet extremely poisonous jellyfish swimming near Hamilton Island in northern Queensland on Wednesday.
The whole thing looked very organic, something like a giant jellyfish .
Thousands of giant jellyfish with 30 foot stinging tentacles have invaded the seas around Scotland.
When the mice were born, they carried the jellyfish gene in their own genes.
You will also be well aware of the unusually large numbers of jellyfish in the sea at this time.