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jell-o / желе-o
имя существительное
a fruit-flavored gelatin dessert made from a commercially prepared powder.
Children may enjoy Popsicles, Jell-O , ice cream, or applesauce.
When it comes to runny jello and ice chips, I think I'll pass, thank you.
Attached is a paper that fills in the details of chapter 4 of No Free Lunch, which David Wolpert referred to as ‘written in jello .’
Everything had its own Styrofoam bowl or plate: pale mashed potatoes, jello , tired-looking slices of chicken, and a fruit cup.
With many names - Jell-O , aspic, jelly, gelee and so on - gelatin has an identity of its own.
The current issue has recipes for monkey bread, macaroni and cheese and pulled pork, and several that use Jell-O .
She continued on grabbing some steak and other meats and then decided for dessert she would have a bit of Jell-O and pie.
Finding that her legs had suddenly developed the consistency of jello , she leaned on Rune for support again as she tried to speak.
Children may enjoy Popsicles, Jell-O , ice cream, or applesauce.
We used it once and learned that swimming in jello is hard.
Agar acts like Jell-O powder - by mixing it with liquid, you get a jelly-like substance.