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jell / желе, студень
имя существительное
jelly, gelatin, jell, gelatine
jelly, gelatin, jell, gelatine, calves-foot
превращать в желе
jelly, jellify, jell
превращать в студень
gelatinize, jellify, jelly, jell
freeze, congeal, solidify, set, harden, jell
(of jelly or a similar substance) set or become firmer.
the stew is jelling
Under Shotton, the team which would dominate the NL for much of the next decade began to jell .
It doesn't jell as a masterful concept album the way The Soft Bulletin does, but it's still a pretty electro-pop recording with many symphonic flourishes to make your heart and mind soar.
It wasn't until Labbe arrived near th end of 2001 that the team began to jell .
everything seemed to jell for the magazine
As is often the case in change and cultures, it is at the frontiers of one civilisation that ideas mix and jell into new and innovative forms.
No matter who starts, this group must jell quickly.
One could perhaps speculate that Winterbottom has simply struck it lucky with this film, managing to jell all these elements together in a successful fashion without having to contribute anything original himself to the project.
We've jelled as a team over the last two seasons, and now we can execute our plan.
The team is jelling very well, and we are learning and getting better.
Everyone is just doing their jobs so well that we've jelled into a championship team.