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jealous / ревнивый, завистливый, завидующий
имя прилагательное
jealous, yellow, green-eyed
envious, jealous, covetous, jaundiced, yellow, green-eyed
jealous, envying
имя прилагательное
feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages.
he grew jealous of her success
And her eyes were outlined in black eyeliner, making her green eyes stand out even more, which she was jealous of.
Despite being backstabbers and fiercely jealous of each other, I think of writers as an international guild.
The religious justification derives from the ban on graven images, common to the jealous God of the Old Testament and to Allah.
I'm insanely jealous of people who have imaginations.
I'm jealous of the people behind the popular weblogs.
He is jealous of their prowess, and those qualities together in this time could be the biggest asset that we have in leadership.
I also posed a question to him: If the Christian God was supposed to be a god of love, then why is he a jealous god?
You are really and truly, happy for your friend because something fantastic is happening in their life, but at the same time you are so jealous of them that you want to scream.
She had dark brown hair and bright green eyes, I was also jealous of.
I try not to get jealous of her affection for my dog.