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jazz / джаз, пестрота, эстрадный оркестр
имя существительное
jazz, jive
diversity of colors, jazz
эстрадный оркестр
имя прилагательное
jazz, jazzy
screaming, flashy, crying, glaring, showy, jazz
rude, rough, gross, coarse, crude, jazz
исполнять джазовую музыку
танцевать под джаз
copulate, fuck, frig, jazz, screw
имя существительное
a type of music of black American origin characterized by improvisation, syncopation, and usually a regular or forceful rhythm, emerging at the beginning of the 20th century. Brass and woodwind instruments and piano are particularly associated with jazz, although guitar and occasionally violin are also used; styles include Dixieland, swing, bebop, and free jazz.
Even Dixieland and swing jazz from that era really had fast tempos.
play or dance to jazz music.
He and the Muddy Basin Ramblers have played a mix of country, blues, jug-band music and early swing jazz for over a year.
When the band plays, the jazz is cool, the atmosphere is laid-back and the bar service is quiet but efficient.
Elsewhere, Jon mixes up elements of dub, jazz and ambient music into the requisite funk beats.
Even Dixieland and swing jazz from that era really had fast tempos.
The band specialises in playing a whole range of music including blues, jazz , reggae, rock and roll and country.
Jamming sessions in all the festival venues, led by the pros, will cover all styles of music from jazz to rock to blues and much more.
The blacks of New Orleans are, in large part, what made it a great city: the jazz , the food, the poetry, the laid back ambience.
Eight town centre venues will feature up to forty bands covering all idioms from New Orleans through swing to bebop and contemporary jazz .
Of all types of commercially based American music, jazz is the one that has most consistently fostered musical artistry on a high level.
The beauty of the packaging meets that of the music - for Latin jazz or piano trio fans this is a must.