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jawbone / челюстная кость, кредит, нажим
имя существительное
челюстная кость
jawbone, jowl
credit, tick, trust, chalk, jawbone
pressure, push, stress, jawbone
оказывать грубый нажим
имя существительное
a bone of the jaw, especially that of the lower jaw (the mandible), or either half of this.
In addition to the embryos and eye, the fossil find includes portions of a snout plus jawbones , skull bones, cheekbones, and teeth.
attempt to persuade or pressure by the force of one's position of authority.
the Federal Reserve Board Vice Chairman jawboned the dollar higher by calling its recent steep decline a purely speculative phenomenon
To apply powder on top of foundation, fill a brush with powder; knock off any excess; cover the centre panel, across the jawbone and down on to the neck.
When teeth are lost, the jawbone may start to shrink.
A bony layer of cementum covers the outside of the root, under the gum line, and holds the tooth in place within the jawbone .
Fibrous joints also hold the teeth in the jawbone .
French and American paleotologists held that the jawbone and skull were obviously from two different animals and that their discovery was an accident of placement.
The lower jawbone of the hippopotamus reveals six incisor teeth, whereas the hippopotamus that survives in Africa has only four incisors.
Osteoporosis and tooth loss often go hand-in-hand because the same decrease in bone mineral density that boosts risk of hip and other fractures affects the jawbone and teeth.
When you chew gum, the repetitive movement of your jaw puts added tension on the muscles and joints where your jawbone meets your skull, Urbaniak says.
Mrs Callaway received treatment for a broken jawbone , chipped cheekbone and bumps and scrapes all over her body.
The man's skeleton was missing its lower legs, while the woman's skull had lost its jawbone .