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jaw-dropping / потрясающие
имя прилагательное
jaw-dropping displays of genius
Afterwards, all three put on a jaw-dropping a cappella gospel medley that left everyone's spine tingling with pleasure.
You may never usually watch such lowculture television but, trust me, the twisted ending they've dreamed up is jaw-dropping .
Sentimentality, blazing country, bluegrass and jaw-dropping performance make this an essential album.
Visiting India, as an eight year old was one of the most jaw-dropping and exhilarating experiences I have ever had.
Perahia's never found wanting technically, and there are some jaw-dropping displays of speed and power
And then, in the middle of all this angst comes a jaw-droppingly wonderful musical episode, with the whole cast breaking out in witty, tuneful songs advancing the plot creatively.
Not until the the jaw-droppingly inane finale on the Brooklyn Bridge are we put out of our misery, as the film attempts to realise its theme of spiritual and corporeal convergence.
His politics are jaw-droppingly simplistic for the most part, particularly from about the 15th film onwards, and yet you look back at them with great affection.
There is a smattering of jaw-droppingly good tracks here.
He's an Australian kestrel and he's jaw-droppingly stunning.