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javelin / дротик, метательное копье, соревнования по метанию копья
имя существительное
dart, javelin, spear, assegai, assagai
метательное копье
соревнования по метанию копья
имя существительное
a light spear thrown in a competitive sport or as a weapon.
Light cavalry carried a small sword and two or three javelins while the heavy force was equipped with scimitar, mace and a 4 meter lance.
his nearest rival in the javelin
I think this time round I'm just going to be concentrating on doing some throwing events, like the javelin , the discus and the shot putt.
The ancient Greeks pioneered several complex athletic techniques, especially in events such as the javelin and long-jump.
his nearest rival in the javelin
She also won gold at other athletics events including the javelin , cross-country and 100m.
The rulebook says that the javelin is constructed of three parts: the head, the shaft, and the grip.
Lewis resumes action in the Olympic Stadium today in the long jump before the event concludes with the javelin and 800m where she has made a vast improvement this year.
There were ten events, including tossing the caber and throwing the javelin !
Some were dueling away with wooden swords, and others were throwing javelins at targets.
I was trained up from my earliest years in the art of war, my daily exercise was shooting and throwing javelins , and my mother adorned me with emblems after the manner of our greatest warriors.