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jaunt / прогулка, увеселительная поездка, увеселительная прогулка
имя существительное
stroll, tour, ride, promenade, jaunt, excursion
увеселительная поездка
pleasure trip, jaunt
увеселительная прогулка
имя существительное
a short excursion or journey for pleasure.
her little jaunt in France was over
go on a short excursion or journey for pleasure.
they went jaunting through Ireland
Just a short jaunt up the coast from tourist-laden Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab is the location of some of Sinai's best-kept diving secrets.
her little jaunt in France was over
A motorbike jaunt around the island provides the opportunity to visit natural waterfalls and mountain picnic areas.
The jaunt , which runs throughout July, includes multiple-night stands in Niagara Falls, Ontario; and in the California cities of Los Angeles, Saratoga and Alpine.
The little boy stared straight ahead as Lucas pulled out of the driveway in preparation for the short jaunt home.
When I went on a short jaunt to Japan a few years ago, my guide asked me what I was willing to eat.
Indeed, I myself recently completed a short jaunt from Plymouth to Banjul in a twenty quid van - helping to raise loads of lovely cash for a variety of projects in Gambia.
The stable for Kananaskis Ranch is a short jaunt down a dirt trail from the main lodge.
When they have time off they like to travel - Euro city breaks, transatlantic jaunts , adventurous equatorial treks or even Antipodean long hauls.
We went on endless jaunts together: cinema, picnics, park - one year she even had a part in a summer panto, but that was when I could overpower her when I needed to, and when she was naive enough to believe me when I told her something would be fun.