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jaundiced / желчный, желтый, пораженный желтухой
имя прилагательное
biliary, bilious, jaundiced, acrimonious, choleric, splenetic
yellow, jaundiced, xanthous
пораженный желтухой
имя прилагательное
having or affected by jaundice, in particular unnaturally yellow in complexion.
The 16-year-old was walking in an alleyway between Museum Gardens and Exhibition Square when the man, who had a jaundiced , yellow complexion and bad teeth, approached her.
In other words, by the time the doctors had discovered what was the cause of her recent complaints of abdominal pain, she had become jaundiced from a bile duct obstruction and even worse, had liver metastases.
The patient with large duct obstruction will be jaundiced .
Today's citizen may peruse the items on a poll tax bill with a jaundiced eye, but we tend to take for granted that a nice shiny fire engine will make its efficiently speedy way towards us should we ever need it to.
The clerk is an emaciated and jaundiced gentleman to whom I assign a tentative diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.
At that time, the patient became jaundiced , without evidence of splenomegaly.
I think it's pretty clear to anyone who reads this site on a regular basis that I have a jaundiced eye when it comes to many corporations.
The book casts a jaundiced eye on everything from helicopter rescues and large, boisterous groups to the use of cell phones, to which Guy had a particularly strong aversion.
His skin was slightly jaundiced , and scleral icterus was present.
Often this is confined to mild anaemia, but in more serious cases the baby is severely anaemic and jaundiced because of the accumulation of bilirubin released from damaged red cells.
Stiglitz casts a jaundiced eye on all the major institutions, but none comes in for more criticism than the IMF.