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jarring / резкий, раздражающий, неприятный на слух
имя прилагательное
cutting, sharp, abrupt, harsh, severe, jarring
annoying, irritating, exasperating, irritative, vexing, jarring
неприятный на слух
имя существительное
dissonance, discord, discordant note, discordance, disharmony, jarring
vibration, vibrancy, oscillation, shake, chatter, jarring
oscillation, swing, fluctuation, hesitation, wobble, jarring
имя прилагательное
incongruous in a striking or shocking way; clashing.
the telephone struck a jarring note in those Renaissance surroundings
causing a physical shock, jolt, or vibration.
the truck came to a jarring halt
send a painful or damaging shock through (something, especially a part of the body).
he jarred his knee in training
have an unpleasant, annoying, or disturbing effect.
a laugh that jarred on the ears
The juxtaposition makes the variation in quality all the more jarring .
His outburst blaming the vandals on the estate for frightening his wife to death, was a jarring moment of realism.
They basically cut out an entire scene from one episode in a really jarring manner.
My classmate had such a gift for asking jarring questions out of the blue.
The rather jarring songwriting style is noteworthy more for its ambience than its catchiness.
The most jarring element of the disc, however, has to be the director's choices.
A very fine soundtrack shifts from a winsome romanticism in the early moments to the jarring untuned piano notes in the latter fraught stages.
More serious is the way the last half-hour seems to lose pace, then comes to a sudden, jarring halt.
Exhibits are dimmed whilst fantastically big projections of rarely seen war photographs cover the jarring , angular interior walls.
Jarring images bled into each other the way the realities of unjust political situations always do.