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jangle / пререкания, резкий звук, гул
имя существительное
wrangle, jangle, dispute, brabble
резкий звук
scream, jangle, snap, jar, zip, bray
hum, buzz, boom, clatter, clash, jangle
издавать резкие звуки
издавать нестройные звуки
нестройно звучать
имя существительное
a ringing metallic sound.
the jangle of a telephone
make or cause to make a ringing metallic sound, typically a discordant one.
a bell jangled loudly
A minute later, the door opened, causing the bell above it to jangle .
We waited another minute, till finally we heard keys jangle and a masculine throat-clearing.
the jangle of a telephone
A jangle of locks being unlocked sounded and then the gate jerked open.
the shrill jangle of the door bell
Then came the first of several magical moments that blew any notion of Young not being in complete control of his art and music as he sat down and blew us away with the acoustic jangle and buzz of Bandit.
Kestilas voice floated through to him through the wooden door, the brown haired boy standing and causing a creak in the floorboards and a jangle of springs as he climbed into bed.
It was soon interrupted by the harsh jangle of the telephone, which I let ring until Quinn shouted for me to pick it up.
Cute harmonies sit atop an orchestrated jangle of guitars and multi-layered harmonies and you just end being spun into their world of indie-reborn - a world for those really interested in music.
A girl sitting in the first row raised her hand eagerly, the bangles looped around her wrist jangling loudly regardless of being concealed inside her student uniform.