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jamboree / празднество, веселье, пирушка
имя существительное
festival, feast, gala, fete, jamboree, junket
fun, gladness, gaiety, joy, cheer, jamboree
revels, revelry, carousal, junket, buster, jamboree
имя существительное
a large celebration or party, typically a lavish and boisterous one.
the film industry's annual jamboree in Cannes
The event is something like a jamboree or carnival with some off-road activities, off-road car shows, car accessory sales, food stalls and information booths.
The jamboree consists of 24,000 scouts from over 150 countries and another 6,000 scouts, both boys and girls, from Thailand are expected to attend.
the film industry's annual jamboree in Cannes
The symbol of regional pride will be hoisted in the city at 7.05 am as thousands of Yorkshire-lovers take part in a countywide jamboree to celebrate the region's qualities.
Well, President Bush will try again on Sunday to talk to the Boy Scouts that gathered in Virginia for their national jamboree .
Bernard Clark, Southend district scout commissioner, confirmed five scouts from the Southend district joined the jamboree and one scout leader had been expected to visit the Philippines.
The party is planning a year-long jamboree to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Scotland's national poet - and boost Scottish tourism at the same time.
the film industry's annual jamboree in Cannes
This year's event featured all the old reliable favourites, including a dog show, showjumping contests, demonstrations and the various agricultural aspects that have become part and parcel of the annual jamboree .
The diversity of Texas is apparent every month through its colorful festivals, jamborees , cook-offs and celebrations.