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jail / тюрьма, тюремное заключение
имя существительное
prison, jail, gaol, pokey, prison house, cage
тюремное заключение
imprisonment, jail, confinement, gaol, constraint, bond
сажать в тюрьму
imprison, jail, lock up, put to prison, gaol, dungeon
заключать в тюрьму
imprison, jail, incarcerate, prison, cage, confine
имя существительное
a place for the confinement of people accused or convicted of a crime.
he spent 15 years in jail
put (someone) in jail.
the driver was jailed for two years
he spent 15 years in jail
The pair are now in detention, facing jail for desertion or, at best, a stint at a different regiment.
With 89 convictions to his name, he had only been out of jail for two months at the time of the fatal collision.
she was sentenced to three months' jail
The court heard he had been released from jail a month or so before the raid.
After making the ASBO, magistrates warned Thompson she faced jail if she breached the order.
One guy was an innocent bystander and was arrested and threatened with jail for 7 months.
At my hearing, I was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment in a maximum security jail .
Judge Marie Catterson sentenced Prentice to seven months' jail , suspended for two years.
Just because the offender is frightened of jail , that is no reason to lessen his penalty.