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jacket / куртка, жакет, рубашка
имя существительное
jacket, tunic, wamus
shirt, jacket, casing, banyan, banian
надевать куртку
надевать жакет
надевать чехол
имя существительное
an outer garment extending either to the waist or the hips, typically having sleeves and a fastening down the front.
Often featuring a snap front and drawstring waist, this jacket maybe lined or unlined.
cover with a jacket.
While most bullets have been jacketed with copper-zinc alloy, a variety of other hard metals, including tungsten, have been used.
Joy removed the matching boutonnière from its clear plastic container and pinned it on the lapel of his tuxedo jacket .
Damian pulled out an envelope from his jacket and sat across from Stephanie, his other hand still holding onto her delicate fingers.
He misjudged her reaction, and removed his leather jacket , enveloping her shoulders with it.
Bosch designed a thin inner liner of soft steel that sealed the gases in, its pressure load supported by a stout perforated steel jacket .
If you have a conventional water heater, give it a wrap as well with an insulated jacket that will help prevent energy loss.
He unbuttoned the tuxedo jacket and rolled the sleeves to his elbows.
Romanov pulled out a file folder from her jacket slowly, ensuring that the bodyguards saw what she held, and handed it to Mr. Devlin.
For evening, her navy tuxedo jacket has satin trim on the collar, pocket and sleeves, and is a modern twist on a classic design.
The mystery caller was stocky and dressed in a blouson jacket and a baseball cap.
he put his hand in his jacket pocket