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jackboot / ботфорт, сапог выше колена, грубое давление
имя существительное
сапог выше колена
грубое давление
имя существительное
a large leather military boot reaching to the knee.
After dinner, Roger appeared in military fatigues, complete with hat, sunglasses, jackboots , and swagger stick.
a country under the jackboot of colonialism
a country under the jackboot of colonialism
This prescient short story, published in Blackwood's magazine, described how, after the fall of France, the German army would invade and grind Britain under its jackboot for all eternity.
The only way that successive regimes in Jakarta have been able to prevent the rise of separatist sentiment, however, is with the jackboot of the military.
The poem of Agraphon was written by Angelos Sikelianos in 1941 when Greece was under the German jackboot .
One less problem now that this voice of free thought has been stamped out under the jackboot .
Of course the entire region really was under the jackboot , if you like, of apartheid rule.
The jackbooted thugs can arrest you without bothering to accuse you of a crime.
Fortunately, I've recently discovered a way to prevent the jackbooted Federal thugs from invading your bank account and stealing tax money which should rightfully be yours if the government lacked any taxation system.
Within only six weeks, the French army had collapsed and shell-shocked Parisians were forced to watch as German soldiers paraded through their streets, the sound of their jackboots signalling the defeat of a great power.