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its / ее, его, свой
its, her, hers
his, its, him
its, his, their, my, her, own
принадлежащий ему
his, its
принадлежащий ей
its, hers, her
belonging to or associated with a thing previously mentioned or easily identified.
turn the camera on its side
it is.
it's my fault
It is not that important to me to kill a good looking fish to determine its true identity.
Owner Jane Organ said it was tragic for the pup to be taken from its mother at such a young age.
turn the camera on its side
a baby in its mother's womb
A scan at the gantry and its array of various malts tells me this is a decent hostelry.
The bear toppled out of the window and followed as fast as its stubby legs would allow.
If you want to look at what a treat you are in for, visit the site and its web camera.
It raises its head up above the parapet now and then and when it finds me it bites me hard and makes me cry.
No other land sale in Scotland has relied on a charter of such antiquity for its sale.
Taylor is taking full advantage of the garden looking at its best at this time of year.