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itinerary / маршрут, путь, путеводитель
имя существительное
route, itinerary, run, round, waybill
way, path, road, route, pathway, itinerary
guide, guidebook, itinerary, Baedeker, itinerarium, vade mecum
путевые заметки
журнал для путевых заметок
itinerarium, itinerary
имя прилагательное
road, travel, traveling, highway, viatical, itinerary
имя существительное
a planned route or journey.
In reality, I am safe and sound and I do not intend to change my travel itinerary .
Do you have your plane tickets or your flight itinerary ?
Choosing the right cruise line and cruise itinerary can be somewhat of a challenge.
I only know because I snuck into their room and found their flight itinerary .
Try to plan your itinerary to arrive at your destination during daylight hours if you can.
we will send you an itinerary
Baghdad is rather pleasant this month, actually, and the Pentagon is planning an itinerary .
Flight itinerary and tour plans have been circulated to the teams concerned.
Their busy itinerary included hill walking, surfing and kayaking.
At that time, Uganda wasn't on any tourist itinerary .
But the exact itinerary of the tour is yet to be finalised.