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itinerant / странствующий, объезжающий свой округ
имя прилагательное
wandering, itinerant, errant, peripatetic, wayfaring, vagrant
объезжающий свой округ
имя существительное
tramp, stroller, vagabond, vagrant, hobo, itinerant
тот, кто объезжает свой округ
имя прилагательное
traveling from place to place.
itinerant traders
имя существительное
a person who travels from place to place.
A party of Irish itinerants travelling in around 24 vehicles arrived at the Back Lane side of the factory on Sunday evening.
Remember how, in response to the depredations of bandits, the villagers hired as protectors seven itinerant warriors.
The alert follows a flood of complaints about itinerant traders who charge extortionate prices for bitumen coverings for drives.
Community workers sought smoking gun evidence of police harassment of itinerant youth and they say it's in the form of a big ugly pile of tickets.
Their earliest pictures showed life among itinerant farm workers.
These changes, which are more visible now, have been noted by many itinerant researchers.
He's also got a deep-blues vocal delivery, and comes across as a real genuine, home-schooled itinerant character.
We have had our share of itinerant carpetbaggers who had dubious magistrate credentials.
The partnership built up a country clientele through itinerant trading with a hawker's licence.
Recently, itinerant workers - some illegal immigrants - have moved into the trade, at the risk of being exploited by gangmasters.
Private accounts are not going to turn the nation's graybeards into itinerant millionaires anytime soon.