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itemize / перечислять, классифицировать, детализировать
list, enumerate, itemize, recount, recite, catalog
classify, categorize, sort, class, rank, itemize
detail, itemize
present as a list of individual items.
I have itemized the morning's tasks
When the total of all your itemize d deductions exceeds the standard deduction, you should itemize.
Currently, those who don't itemize get no federal tax breaks for such donations.
Generally, if your total deductions are greater than the standard, you should itemize your deductions.
To take the deduction, the owner must itemize his or her deductions and can have only one second home.
In the above piece, I haven't begun to itemize all that he did in his incredible career.
For those contracts, you must itemize and bill everything separately.
As a free option, all of our customers are entitled to a digital call itemisation , to accompany or replace their paper itemisation.
Section 2 itemises the three tiers in designing and making, and the use of materials, components and ingredients.
The following table itemizes the choices for this property.
Each item had been correctly itemised and I could only presume that ‘the machine’ had got it wrong.