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item / пункт, статья, вопрос
имя существительное
paragraph, item, point, clause, station, article
article, paper, item, clause, entry, contribution
question, matter, problem, point, query, item
записывать по пунктам
also, as well, too, likewise, either, item
also, too, so, both, eke, item
к тому же
also, in addition, then, furthermore, too, item
имя существительное
an individual article or unit, especially one that is part of a list, collection, or set.
the items on the agenda
used to introduce each item in a list.
item two statute books … item two drums
In short, the auditor is entitled to seek relief if he can show that an item of account is for any reason unlawful or improper.
Even in hospital he worried about an item of news for the next issue of his paper.
Donate the unwanted item to charity, as someone will certainly appreciate it.
The second item of news is that Europe has caught up considerably with the United States.
Each item of expenditure is followed by the closing sum total.
He would place an item on the agenda on an annual basis to keep the project before the public mind.
The item appearing on the account will be queried by the credit card provider with a view to recouping the cost.
Speculation that David Beckham may be leaving Old Trafford becomes a front page news item .
The writer has dug up an item of news and presented it in a straightforward manner.
an item of clothing