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italicize / выделять курсивом, подчеркивать, выделять подчеркиванием
выделять курсивом
emphasize, stress, underline, accentuate, underscore, italicize
выделять подчеркиванием
strengthen, increase, enhance, reinforce, intensify, italicize
set (text) in italics.
she italicized the title
use this key to italicize
The strikethrough font identifies original language proposed for deletion while proposed changes are italicized in bold font.
Almost every 10th word on a page is italicized , which is a flaw for two reasons.
In case it is impossible to use italicisation one may underline the italicised parts of the examples above.
One of the several accepted uses of italicisation in a text is to signal that a word or phrase is foreign.
The italicisation of quotations is in the original.
The normal convention of italicisation of journal names and book titles should be adopted.
Again, the italicization of the word highlights its peculiarity.
It includes a glossary whose entries are italicized when they first appear in the text.
Legal citations are italicized and footnoted in the text.