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it / это, он, него
it, this
he, it
it, he
имя существительное
последнее слово
last word in, it, last word on, coping-stone
ideal, it, beau ideal, nonpareil, eidolon
верх совершенства
acme of perfection, ideal, it, nonesuch, nonsuch, nonpareil
used to refer to a thing previously mentioned or easily identified.
a room with two beds in it
used to identify a person.
it's me
used in the normal subject position in statements about time, distance, or weather.
it's half past five
used in the normal subject or object position when a more specific subject or object is given later in the sentence.
it is impossible to assess the problem
used to emphasize a following part of a sentence.
it is the child who is the victim
We will not move in until it is safe.
she found it interesting to learn about their strategy
I don't believe it
he thinks he knows it all
where is it she's off to again?
what day is it?
If officials in Washington should read just one book, this is it .
the bread was still hot when we ate it
it was a girl
When the long warm nights get you in the mood to party, there should really only be one CD on the playlist - and this is it .