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isthmus / перешеек, узкая соединительная часть, суженное место
имя существительное
isthmus, neck, strait
узкая соединительная часть
суженное место
имя существительное
a narrow strip of land with sea on either side, forming a link between two larger areas of land.
Land routes are really old, especially through isthmuses .
Currently, the narrow isthmus of southern Armenia, which is squeezed from both sides by Azerbaijan has been officially considered a ‘borderline territory.’
In the south-east a narrow isthmus enlarges to a knot of salt ponds.
The method diffused rapidly and initiatives developed up and down the Central American isthmus during the 1990s.
The green is cleverly set into a tiny isthmus so that water surrounds three sides.
The town in on the west side; on the north a narrow isthmus (neutral ground) connects the fortress with the mainland of Spain.
At 20 miles long and four to eight miles wide, the isthmus connects central Greece with the Peloponnese peninsula.
Behind him was a narrow isthmus leading to Charlestown, and before him was his goal: the besieged city of Boston.
The adult gland weighs 10-20 g and consists of two relatively flat oval lobes linked by an isthmus .
The narrow isthmus , heavily defended by the Turks, was their battlefield for the next eight months.
The southern region is a narrow isthmus with hills running down the center.