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ism / учение, направление, доктрина
имя существительное
learning, teaching, doctrine, exercise, studies, ism
direction, directing, route, trend, line, ism
doctrine, teaching, edifice, tenet, formula, ism
имя существительное
a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement.
of all the isms, fascism is the most repressive
denoting an action or its result.
denoting a system, principle, or ideological movement.
denoting a peculiarity in language.
denoting a pathological condition.
A person should not believe in an ism , he should believe in himself.
If any of you have ever wondered what postmodernism is, or what any of the other isms are for that matter, then this week's column is for you.
These followers, the ians, ists , etc. of their chosen Religion are exactly that; a category, a denomination.
Values are a shared set of beliefs or creeds, convictions and ideologies, or a set of isms .
The program lets biologists, geologists, and other ists imagine earth 5 million, 100 million, and 200 million years from now.
There's no discrimination here in the Blogosphere; no isms to get in the way of writing.
They don't go much for isms , either, just quiet happiness is all they're prepared to recognise.
Send some invitations to Libertarians, socialists, centrists; whatever ians and ists there are.
Some politicos cling to venal isms that stunt their own thinking and the growth of the nation, and delay the maturing of its democracy.
Ideology was foreign, and impressive-sounding, and was to generate many books with chapters recounting the arguments of the various isms of which political debate is composed.