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islander / островитянин, житель острова
имя существительное
islander, insular, isleman, islesman
житель острова
имя существительное
a native or inhabitant of an island.
Total tranquility is probably just a memory to the native islanders who stood their ground.
There is a history of complaints from a minority of islanders on Sherkin Island.
He continued by complimenting the islanders and their committees for their commitment.
Many of these islanders ended up on the eastern seaboard of Canada, either voluntarily or by forced evictions.
It was a miracle of survival that the islanders managed to live on it for so long.
At the moment islanders have to rely on a mixture of oil, solid fuel and small hydro schemes which are unreliable and expensive.
The thumping bass of The Docks, the islanders say, is tortuous, keeping them up all night.
Only at the last minute are they all saved from being burned at the pyre by angry islanders .
The islanders then held an all-night vigil on the island as they feared that the fire might rekindle.
The supply was restored to the majority of islanders late on on Monday afternoon.
Beyond the ties islanders have to each other, they also have unbreakable ties to the island itself.