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island / остров, островок, что-либо изолированное
имя существительное
island, isle
island, islet, ait
что-либо изолированное
окружать водой
insulate, island
образовывать остров
insulate, island
isolate, insulate, seal, segregate, sequester, island
имя существительное
a piece of land surrounded by water.
The water which surrounds the island is a rich fishing ground for tuna and mackerel.
a detached portion of tissue or group of cells.
Stromal retraction between tumor islands and dermal connective tissue was observed in 12 cases.
make into or like an island; place or enclose on or as on an island; isolate.
islanded among the new stores, these houses were valuable property
She longed to visit the island in the middle.
No one can ever be really available on our imaginary Pacific desert island mentioned earlier.
In 1393, Great Turnovo - the capital of Bulgaria remained as an isolated island in the ocean of Turkish possessions.
Typical appliances rested on a long line of marble counters surrounding an island in the middle of the room.
Beyond this, the kitchen is fitted with a range of wall and floor units, a centre island , recessed lighting and tiled worktops.
Ovens are built into the kitchen side of the island so they can't be seen from the rest of the room.
Delegates from around 190 nations began the session Monday on the Indonesian resort island of Bali.
A tiny speck in the Sulu Sea offers a little known island paradise.
He said the true meaning of civilisation and globalisation meant the adoption of the local culture and to blend with the local culture and not to make an isolated island of cultures.
Like many other units, this particular park offers an island of serenity and beauty in a region struggling to define its future.