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irritate / раздражать, нервировать, вызывать раздражение
provoke, irritate, displease, annoy, exasperate, rile
irritate, unnerve, spook, fidget, harrow
вызывать раздражение
irritate, offend
make (someone) annoyed, impatient, or angry.
his tone irritated her
Air that is too dry can irritate the lining of your nose, throat and sinuses and may even cause the lining of your nose to bleed.
Some topical acne medicines may irritate your skin, especially in the first few weeks that you use them.
After washing, pat the skin dry, don't irritate it by rubbing vigorously.
Their loud voices were beginning to irritate me and I could feel my headache sharpen.
Her voice was starting to irritate him; it was high pitched and squeaky.
sprays and polishes can irritate dry, sensitive skin
The maniacal, simplistic tone of this book is guaranteed to irritate anyone who ever had a thought of their own.
Bulky socks often fit poorly, and a poor fit can irritate your skin.
Also, some bales may contain fungi or dust that may irritate the respiratory tract of horses.
When it comes to people, they irritate the hell out of each other.