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irresolvable / неразрешимый, неразложимый
имя прилагательное
insoluble, undecidable, unsolvable, irresolvable, nonsolvable, insolvable
indecomposable, indissoluble, irresolvable, simple, infrangible, elementary
имя прилагательное
(of a problem or dilemma) impossible to solve or settle.
In one sense, this ethical move by Levinas solves the previously irresolvable problem of self/other relations.
We Jews must resign ourselves to the irresolvable problem of anti-Semitism.
From an empirical perspective, I see no irresolvable philosophical conflict between these subjects.
These literal readings all pose the same, irresolvable problem.
This strikes me as yet another irresolvable dilemma as there are cases to be made for both points of view.
Here, I am not interested in the technical issues because they lead to interminable and irresolvable arguments.
This irresolvable dilemma was conjured nicely by the question: Who serves when not all serve?
The first is the idea that there is an irresolvable conflict between the public life of a city or nation, and the pursuits of philosophers and scientists.
Groups opposing sanctions say these problems are irresolvable until sanctions are lifted.
The fights between differing entities or real enemies can be resolved, but the fights between brothers are irresolvable because they are bogus fights.
They transform solvable problems into irresolvable dilemmas.