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irresistible / неотразимый, непреодолимый, неопровержимый
имя прилагательное
irresistible, compelling
irresistible, insurmountable, compelling, insuperable, overwhelming, overpowering
irrefutable, incontrovertible, incontestable, apodictic, unassailable, irresistible
имя прилагательное
too attractive and tempting to be resisted.
he found the delicious-looking cakes irresistible
And with 1.75 % short-term borrowing costs, high-yielding consumer receivables are simply irresistible .
But after that, the rise of Michael Gomez as a boxer seemed irresistible .
Eyes round as saucers, he didn't even pretend to look away - he found the view too irresistible .
Zoek smiled his big happy grin that was simply irresistible to me.
What was it about Mike that made him so irresistible to Emily?
Affordability, combined with accessibility, makes this market almost irresistible to those who discover it.
When it rained, he would just drive, as if the road were an irresistible river carrying him away.
Second, I hoped that it would make me fascinating and irresistible to girls.
Why did he have to be so darn irresistible ?
The Boca Beach Club presents the irresistible lure of staying and playing on the Atlantic seashore.