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irrepressible / неугомонный, неудержимый, неукротимый
имя прилагательное
restless, irrepressible, rambunctious, fidgety
irrepressible, uncontrollable, runaway, elemental
indomitable, irrepressible, unappeasable, insuppressible, ungovernable, tameless
имя существительное
неугомонный человек
неуемный человек
имя прилагательное
not able to be controlled or restrained.
a great shout of irrepressible laughter
They were also usually, if not always, a restraining influence on the more abrasive, if not irrepressible side of Mercer.
Refusing to be rattled by their losses, however, Oxford responded with a goal and a point from the irrepressible Brendan McGurk.
An irrepressible figure, Demarco's commitment to bringing radical artists to Scotland remains undiminished.
Khan was in irrepressible form from the start, raining in fast and accurate punches from every angle, to leave the hapless Korean stunned.
But this young Chinese girl has an indomitable spirit and an irrepressible enthusiasm.
It remains uncertain, despite his irrepressible need to perform in public, whether Jackson himself will take the stand.
But the artists and musicians, poets and students and philosophers of the old town proved irksomely irrepressible .
I'm sure I can only begin to imagine what a parent can feel to have their child ripped away from their lives by irrepressible crime.
Suddenly the procession is interrupted by irrepressible sobbing.
Surely it is only a matter of time before technology grows and becomes such an irrepressible force that to try to restrict it would be folly.