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irreplaceable / незаменимый, невосстановимый, невозместимый
имя прилагательное
indispensable, irreplaceable, impossible to replace
irreplaceable, expendable
irreplaceable, irretrievable, unatonable
имя прилагательное
impossible to replace if lost or damaged.
They haven't got much out of it but it is all irreplaceable damage.
We treat them as though they are free and limitless, when in fact they are invaluable and irreplaceable .
They haven't got much out of it but it is all irreplaceable damage.
Larsson is unique, probably irreplaceable , yet how do you value a phenomenon?
Any burglary is a traumatic experience, but while some things can be easily replaced, items of jewellery are often irreplaceable .
The celebration will be as unique as the irreplaceable Rolf himself.
I have seen the irreplaceable skills of doctors and nurses.
Celtic's problems this coming season could be whether they can replace the irreplaceable .
Many there will say that he was unique and irreplaceable .
He did hope that Sara could contain the problem before any of his irreplaceable artworks were damaged.
Callous burglars have left an elderly couple heartbroken after they stole irreplaceable jewellery while they were away on holiday.