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irreparable / непоправимый
имя прилагательное
irreparable, irremediable, irretrievable, irrecoverable, unbettered, unamendable
имя прилагательное
(of an injury or loss) impossible to rectify or repair.
they were doing irreparable damage to my heart and lungs
Now, some people will insist that massive strokes leave irreparable injuries to the brain.
Two different judges in those three separate hearings have said no irreparable harm is being done.
Thirty years of civil war have done irreparable harm to Sri Lanka.
R.J.R. MacDonald described permanent market loss as an example of irreparable harm.
Such interim measures may be taken in order to prevent serious and irreparable harm to any person, or general damage to the public interest.
He was a noble son of the earth and his death was an irreparable loss to mankind.
Murphy has pointed out that this implies enduring and irreparable harm, and that it may be narrower than the judicial elaborations on the old law.
Last year's construction caused irreparable harm to some of the family farms there.
We are doomed to choose, and every choice may entail an irreparable loss.
My personal fear is that untold irreparable damage will be done.