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irreligious / нерелигиозный, неверующий
имя прилагательное
unbelieving, unbeliever, faithless, irreligious, disbeliever, infidel
имя прилагательное
indifferent or hostile to religion.
an irreligious world
Even if a person has left the Jewish fold, or is completely irreligious , it is still forbidden to help or cause him to sin.
I have many friends, both deeply religious and deeply irreligious , whom I much respect.
I have described the recent war in Bosnia and Croatia as a religious war fought by irreligious people.
I am so irreligious that atheism seems a religion to me.
Does that mean that they're irreligious or are they not spiritual?
A traditionalist might easily jump to the conclusion that the show's second half is irreligious .
When three fourths of the whole world become irreligious , the situation is converted into hell for the animals.
There are those who take the cover of religion to commit irreligious acts.
People, religious and irreligious , are correct to insist that we practise what we preach.
Between a religious person and irreligious person there are many common meeting points which we require to explore ’, he observed.