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irregularity / неравномерность, неправильность, неровность
имя существительное
unevenness, irregularity
wrong, irregularity, abnormality, anomaly, impropriety, deviance
rough, roughness, irregularity, asperity, jog, abruptness
имя существительное
the state or quality of being irregular.
there is evidence that fraud and irregularity continue on a large scale
there is evidence that fraud and irregularity continue on a large scale
He says: ‘What a farce when there is so much voting irregularity with postal voting.’
All around us are towering, glowering peaks rising with perfect irregularity from the flat, green waters of the fjord.
Our teacher believed in the traditional drill-style method, which in the case of Latin with it's absence of irregularity , was probably the best approach.
To date, however, there have been no formal complaints of irregularity apart from one where a child (not children) received a voters' pack.
A total of 417 cases of this irregularity were noted - a small minority - but ‘a serious breach of regulations’.
The service will notify passengers of flight delays and cancellations in case of flight irregularity .
While some irregularity may be termed normal, it must be understood that frequent periods, heavy bleeding are not due to menopause.
A little bit of a holiday from myself, and a pleasant change of pace from the monotonous irregularity of shift work.
Many projects have been listed and caught out, but they have not been involved in any irregularity or fraud.