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irregular / нерегулярный, неправильный, неравномерный
имя прилагательное
irregular, sporadic, casual, spasmodic, inconstant, jobbing
wrong, incorrect, improper, irregular, abnormal, false
uneven, irregular, lopsided
имя прилагательное
not even or balanced in shape or arrangement.
her features were too irregular
contrary to the rules or to that which is normal or established.
they were questioned about their involvement in irregular financial dealings
имя существительное
a member of an irregular military force.
The Filipino operational center of gravity was the ability to sustain its force of 100,000 irregulars in the field.
an imperfect piece of merchandise sold at a reduced price.
The spongy fabric is loose and tetrahedral, with rather irregular pores in size and shape.
Her head hung and she remained still for a few moments, her breathing irregular .
Electron microscopy revealed polygonal tumor cells with round nuclei having slightly irregular contours and prominent nucleoli.
Most asteroids are highly irregular in shape, their miniscule gravity being too small to influence their overall outlines.
The irregular shape of the cornea distorts the image causing it to blur, unlike in a lazy eye where the eye is essentially normal.
Terrorists are illegal irregular combatants who violate international laws and murder innocent civilians; they can and should be targeted.
Apparently such procedural irregularities, including violations of long-standing court rules, are not so irregular .
Melanomas and other skin cancers usually have irregular shapes.
Income can be withdrawn at irregular intervals to suit individual circumstances as long as the payments are in accordance with the above limits.
The net result is that the cartilage is replaced from within by a somewhat irregular vascularized network of bone.