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irreconcilable / непримиримый, противоречивый, несовместимый
имя прилагательное
irreconcilable, implacable, intransigent, unappeasable, warring, inappeasable
contradictory, conflicting, inconsistent, discrepant, discordant, irreconcilable
incompatible, inconsistent, irreconcilable, incongruous, contradictory, mismatched
имя прилагательное
(of ideas, facts, or statements) representing findings or points of view that are so different from each other that they cannot be made compatible.
these two views of the early medieval economy are irreconcilable
имя существительное
any of two or more ideas, facts, or statements that cannot be made compatible.
This, ultimately, is a play about existential resemblances and contrasts, kinships and irreconcilables , uncomfortable truths and futile lies that underlie delicate relationships and unbridgeable chasms.
The Democrats are caught in irreconcilable contradictions when they attempt to posture as critics of the war.
The notion is irreconcilable to basic skeptic tenets.
Principals and unionized teachers are not irreconcilable enemies.
At the time Muggeridge declared that he ‘saw life as an eternal battle between two irreconcilable opposites, the world of the flesh and the world of the spirit’.
But in the realm of public debate, science and religion frequently seemed like irreconcilable enemies.
Advertisers thus present two conflicting and irreconcilable claims about themselves.
Mr Justice Langley said the case had involved ‘conflicting and irreconcilable accounts of events’ decisive of the issues he had to decide.
So you can see I consider things and relations to be fundamentally different and irreconcilable .
This task involves the communication of at least two potentially contradictory, irreconcilable experiences for the director: the reader's and the writer's.
In the map of memory, a legacy of the Bible to western civilization, Israel and Egypt are irreconcilable enemies.