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ironworks / металлургический завод, чугунолитейный завод, предприятие черной металлургии
имя существительное
металлургический завод
чугунолитейный завод
iron foundry, ironworks
предприятие черной металлургии
имя существительное
a place where iron is smelted or iron goods are made.
Previous plans for a factory at the ironworks - submitted by a different company - proved controversial among residents.
Blaenavon ironworks opened in 1789 with three blast furnaces fed by local coal.
Bankruptcy had resulted in an inventory of what remained of this ironworks in 1856 and a seizure of the company's last financial records.
A Swiss engineer, Johann Georg Bodmer, who later became director of the ironworks in Baden, came to observe British industry in 1816.
Another distinction comes from his advertisement in 1816 in the Pittsburgh Gazette for sale of his ironworks .
We shot the second episode in an old disused ironworks at night, which was just horrible.
The ironworks at Tannehill were a major southern producer of pig iron prior to the outbreak of the Civil War.
When he was seventeen years old Lambert left his position at the ironworks to take up a post as secretary to Johann Rudolf Iselin who was the editor of the Basler Zeitung, a conservative daily paper.
It has a church and a bar, a welding shop, and a small ironworks that manufactures bits for oil drilling.
Don't be alarmed if some costumed figures in Milestones show signs of life, as there are a few characters around to tell you about the steam engines, ironworks and other local stories.
Many of the borders separated factories from their raw materials, farms from their markets, ironworks from coalfields.