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ironmonger / торговец скобяными изделиями, торговец железными изделиями
имя существительное
торговец скобяными изделиями
торговец железными изделиями
имя существительное
a person or store selling hardware such as tools and household implements.
It had 10 butchers, 10 grocers, six fish-and-chip shops, haberdashers, ironmongers and fruiterers.
He was sent to an ironmonger for some rubber nails.
When in London in 1786, Thomas Jefferson bought a gentleman's tool chest for £11 3s from ironmonger Thomas Robinson.
By 1685 Thomas Newcomen had established himself as an ironmonger in his hometown, Dartmouth.
There's a proper greengrocer's, a butcher, a baker, a haberdashery and a good old-fashioned ironmonger among others.
Her maternal grandfather, an ironmonger , died at Auschwitz when just 42.
My first job was as a Saturday morning shop boy in the village ironmonger 's.
Painted to match the walls, the doors are detailed without architraves to be flush with the face of the wall and have minimal visible ironmongery .
Design features include open-plan living areas, curved walls, hardwood doors, aluminium ironmongery and fitted kitchens with a blend of wood and metal finishes.
The vase had been stamped and sold by Joseph W Bridge, an ironmongers and steelworks company which started in 1870 in St James Street, Accrington.
When I was growing up there were lots of little shops like a local ironmongers .