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ironing / глаженье, утюжка, белье для глаженья
имя существительное
белье для глаженья
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the task of ironing clothes, sheets, etc..
The policy covers 80 per cent of costs such as childcare, housekeeping, cooking, ironing and transport after the first 30 days.
smooth (clothes, sheets, etc.) with an iron.
In fact, my mother and I also washed and ironed his clothes in case the Minister has forgotten that part of his story.
She may work too, but she will most likely be the one to cook, clean do the shopping and ironing as well as be a mother, hostess, nurse, never-ending taxi service and secretary to the whole family.
‘I try to make the classes as fun as possible to show them that ironing isn't just a chore,’ says organiser Brigitte Smith.
During ironing , the buttons should remain intact for it helps in maintaining the folds.
He went out a couple of times a week with his friend to play snooker and I had to get all the housework and ironing done while he was out.
You may hate doing the laundry and ironing , but once you know how to care for your clothes, your Armani gear will last for years.
Who will have the ironing all neatly laid out like a national serviceman's bed, then packed so every garment emerges from an aircraft hold as if fresh from the laundry?
Two loads of laundry done, now I just need to do the ironing .
Other services provided include laundry, washing and ironing , chiropody while outings are also organised.
I have a pile of white cotton shirts in my closet that I haven't worn for months because they need ironing , and I despise the task.
She breaks the monotony of ironing , cooking and dressing and undressing her husband by using red lipstick, a red apron, but the wearing down process finally takes its toll.