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ironic / иронический
имя прилагательное
ironic, ironical, derisive, pawky, derisory
имя прилагательное
using or characterized by irony.
his mouth curved into an ironic smile
That was, if you like, an ironic and paradoxical appreciation of the transgressive.
How ironic then that some women writers sneer at men who enter therapy's allegedly feminised milieu.
The most ironic thing about irony is how many people just don't get it.
Measured anger and ironic humour is perfectly set against cracking beats by the master rap music producer.
More ironic is that an anti-theist institute should bear all the hallmarks of a religion or ideology.
In a few moments, Ramon's eyes widened and an ironic little smile passed his lips as he nodded his head slightly.
But perhaps the gods of irony thought that this just made things all the more ironic .
It seems strange and spooky and ironic , though it is merely the operation of the law of averages.
Her latest role is an ironic reflection on her debut, when she played a young girl who falls for an American painter.
There was, I concluded, some reason for ironic pride in this rather mediocre revelation.