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ironclad / броненосец
имя существительное
ironclad, armadillo, armor-clad, armour-clad
имя прилагательное
inviolable, indestructible, indissoluble, imperishable, ironclad, irreversible
armored, mailed, ironclad, shellproof, panzer, armoured
покрытый броней
имя прилагательное
covered or protected with iron.
имя существительное
a 19th-century warship with armor plating.
The £13 million ship, which has been named Research Vessel Triton, is said to represent the most radical step forward in warship design since the introduction of the ironclads .
Despite an apparently ironclad guarantee of safe conduct, he was arrested, imprisoned and burnt at the stake on July 6, 1415.
Users of finished-steel products complain of severe supply constraints and of enforced price increases amid contracts that are not as ironclad as they thought.
It's an explicit, rock solid, ironclad guarantee.
Today owners and sponsors pay lawyers a lot of money to negotiate ironclad contracts with their drivers, and many teams now take a ‘grow-your-own’ approach to finding new talent.
Secondly, we need ironclad guarantees from our governments that no future negotiations would prevent governments from providing good public services to their citizens.
This is an all but ironclad guarantee that the prices of such drugs will increase and increase sharply.
He hoped that with the ironclad guarantees incorporated in the Constitution, the Services would resolutely stand by the Constitution and the law even under the most trying circumstances.
Yours to command, indefinitely with an ironclad contract.
If the military really can't fight wars without contractors, it must at least come up with ironclad policies on what to do if the private soldiers break local laws or leave American forces in the lurch.
The Union Monitors cannot enter the state's shallow coastal inlets, and the Rebels are building a powerful ironclad to sweep the US Navy's wooden ships from the North Carolina coast.